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You'll love the ease and convenience of using instant text messaging! Before you view our demos, here's a little more information about instant text messaging that you'll need to know...

How it works
When you sign up for services, you'll select one of many online text message interfaces. offers over 70 text message interface themes to choose from!

Then you'll select a text message web site address.

Simply tell others to go to your text message web site address to send you a text message. When they type a text message into your online text message interface and click send, it is sent directly to your cell phone or alphanumeric pager (your choice).

Its just that simple!

When Viewing Demos...
Keep in mind that our Demo text message interfaces are for example only and as such, your message will not be delivered to anyone.

The demos shown below are just a few of the many text message interface themes we offer. You'll be able to select from many real estate themes, police, fire, medical and other professions along with sports of all kinds, computers, dogs, cats, flowers / nature, music, and so much more!
View Demo 1 - American Flag Collection: Stars and Stripes (color as shown only)
View Demo 2 - Scenics Collection: Classic Brick Home (colors as shown only)
View Demo 3 - Scenics Collection: Dream Home (colors as shown only)
View Demo 4 - Real Estate / Architecture: Home Sweet Home (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 5 - Real Estate / Architecture: Gold Post For Sale Sign (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 6 - Flowers / Nature: Daisies - Deco Style (colors as shown only)
View Demo 7 - Flowers / Nature: Violets (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 8 - Fascination Collection: Deco (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 9 - Occupations / The Trades: Fire Fighter (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 10 - Sports / Games: Golf (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 11 - Sports / Games: Cards (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 12 - Animals: Dogs #6 (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 13 - Computer Related: Mouse (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 14 - Music: Piano (available in 10 colors)

View all our themes by clicking here!

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