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Is a simple, inexpensive and very cool way for your clients, office staff, business associates, friends, family and others to send instant text messages directly to your cell phone or text pager via your very own, personalized web interface!*
No special skills needed, no software to download. makes your personal or business text messaging easy! When someone wants to send text messages to you, all they'll need is your text message web site address and a computer with internet access. You can even place a link on your web site to your text message interface!

Display your personality, your profession or your style! Select from over 70 themes to use for your personal online text message web interface!
 Get text messages sent to your cell phone or pager via a cool web interface!
 Get backup copies of your text messages sent to you via email!
 Get your own text message web address (!
 If you prefer you can use a special domain name like or to forward to your online text message interface! Domain Search Here
 Get a FREE¹ online company directory web page that links to all the subscribers in your office or company!
 Put a link on your web site to your online text message interface!
 Save cell phone minutes by having people text message you instead of calling!
 Save time by cutting down on voice mails because people can easily text message you instead!
Experience a "New Level of Cool!"
Learn more about text messaging and sign up today!

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NOTE: instant text message web interface pages ( are subject to availablility and are offered on a first come, first service basis.

¹Free company / office directory web interface requires minimum of 25 signups. Small monthly fee for under 25 signups.

* text message interfaces works with most cellular and alphanumeric paging services. text messaging service is NOT a substitute for your text messaging service through your cellular or paging service provider. You must make arrangements for a text message package through your cellular/paging service provider. If you already have text messaging set up with your cellular/paging service provider DO NOT CANCEL IT as doing so will prevent your text message interface from working. Be sure to check with your cellular/paging service provider to find out what they charge for you to receive text messages on your cell phone/pager. Also ask your cellular/pager service provider how many text messages you are allowed to receive each month and choose and/or purchase a text message package through your cellular/paging service provider that will accommodate your expected usage. If your paging or cellular service is found to be incompatible with the system at the time that your paging service account is activated (your initial signup), your subscription cost would be refunded in its entirety.

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