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available with gold, white or red post sign

We offer over 70 themes for you to select from to use as your online text message interface! Select from real estate, computers, music, sports, fire fighter, police, transportation, flowers, dogs, cats, the trades and many more. Many of our themes are available in a wide array of colors.

Not sure how text message interfaces / themes work?
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Select and order one our text message interface themes and we'll create a personalized web page for you displaying your selected theme.
Next you'll select your own web page address such as ("YourName" will be replaced with whatever you prefer to use - subject to availability).
Then you simply tell people to go to your text message interface web site address to send text messages to your cell phone or text pager! Very Cool!
View Demo 1 - American Flag Collection: Stars and Stripes (color as shown only)
View Demo 2 - Scenics Collection: Classic Brick Home (colors as shown only)
View Demo 3 - Scenics Collection: Dream Home (colors as shown only)
View Demo 4 - Real Estate / Architecture: Home Sweet Home (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 5 - Real Estate / Architecture: Gold Post For Sale Sign (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 6 - Flowers / Nature: Daisies - Deco Style (colors as shown only)
View Demo 7 - Flowers / Nature: Violets (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 8 - Fascination Collection: Deco (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 9 - Occupations / The Trades: Fire Fighter (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 10 - Sports / Games: Golf (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 11 - Sports / Games: Cards (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 12 - Animals: Dogs #6 (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 13 - Computer Related: Mouse (available in 10 colors)
View Demo 14 - Music: Piano (available in 10 colors)

To view available text message interface themes...
Click on the links below or click on any of the graphic examples in the right or left margin of this page.

Stars & Stripes - Deco Style All American - Classic Style
Deco Futuristic Contempo
Deco Swirl
All interfaces in this collection are "Deco Style" (with the rounded top)
Allure - Gold Post Grand Abode - Gold Post Dazzle - Gold Post
Allure - White Post Grand Abode - White Post Dazzle - White Post
Executive - Gold Post Tropical Delight - Gold Post Charming - Gold Post
Executive - White Post Tropical Delight - White Post Charming - White Post
Dream Home - Deco Style Classic Brick Home Southwest Home
Stately Brick - Deco Style Pine Tree & Picket Fence The Victorian
The Palms - Deco Style Tropical Villa
All interfaces in this collection are "Traditional Style" (they look like pagers)
» BROWSE ALL Home Sweet Home Sunset Manor
Brick Ranch House 1 Traditions
Beach House House 2 Tropical Waterfront
Classic Elegance House 3 Victorian Villa
Enchantment Majestic Beauty Commercial Building
For Sale - Gold Post Modern Brick Lighthouse
For Sale - White Post Spanish Palms Staircase
For Sale -Red Post Sunlit Sands Window
Daisies - Deco Style Violets At The Beach
Daisies - Classic Style Retro Flowers Mountain Stream
Flower Arrangement Palm Tree
Fire Fighter Photography Electrical
Hair Dresser Police / Police Car Keys
Medical Bulldozer Nuts and Bolts
Money Circular Saw
Baseball Fishing Ice Skates
Basketball Football Roller Blades
Billiards Golf Skiing
Bowling Hockey Soccer
Dogs #1 Dogs #4 Dolphin
Dogs #2 Dogs #5 Cats
Dogs #3 Dogs #6 Horses
Computer Mouse Computer
Office Phone Microphone
Piano Brass Horn Guitar
Airplane Boat Truck
Antique Auto Sailboat
Classic Looks Celestial

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